Zoom, Savitar, Thawne & Godspeed Meets Cobalt Blue | The Flash 9×13 Opening Scene [HD]

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The Flash Season 9 Episode 13
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20 thoughts on “Zoom, Savitar, Thawne & Godspeed Meets Cobalt Blue | The Flash 9×13 Opening Scene [HD]

  1. THIS should have been the whole season. None of that Red Death crap. Just The Flash going up against Cobalt Blue and his worst enemies (and Godspeed, I suppose) for the whole season before defeating them in the last episode ON HIS OWN. No one gave a crap about the flying lawyer or any of the other bit players on New Team Flash.

  2. The one thing i actually like about this episode is how they changed savitar's suit glow from blue to red to signify that he is using the negative speed force

  3. Wait so why didnt eobard thawne try to kill savitar and why did savitar not care about eobard thawne or even react how Eddie is alive? Savitar may have been evil but I’m sure Barry still hates eobard for taking his parents away from him and he does not even question anything about Eddie, this episode was so rushed.

  4. This was so rushed, zoom just over here acting like this is normal lol, he didn’t even process everything that happened, he’s just like I will kill u, not even question what is happen. Then we have savitar here literally doing nothing he’s just there, then we got reverse flash not even gonna question how he’s alive.