Why Superman Went Insane & Killed Green Arrow… #Injustice

Batman On Why Superman Went Insane #Injustice #batman #shorts #superman #injustice2
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In this video I recorded and edited, I showcase a scene where Batman explains why Superman went insane and the death of Green Arrow in Injustice Gods Among us

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30 thoughts on “Why Superman Went Insane & Killed Green Arrow… #Injustice

  1. It’s weird to see Ollie in Injustice 2. Was it a similar universe we were playing where he didn’t get oof’d by Superman, was it retcon, they brought them in from the other universe once more, or the writers were lazy af?

  2. Bad Writing:
    Joker would've been shot by cops already
    Joker would've been given a death sentence already
    Batman should've let his killing rule slide to save people
    Batman should've realized he could just paralyze joker
    Batman should've used Superhuman containment cells on joker
    Flash would've stopped it before it even happened ☠☠

    How to fix most of the bad writing:
    Give joker regenerative powers, nerf flash

  3. It's Gotham cities fault as much as it is Batman's for continuously escaping

    On the cities end they could've given the Joker a death sentence ages ago

    On Batman's end, he could've locked Joker in a more secure location as he did with fucking superman.
    There's also that place where they sent Superman at the end of Injustice 2 when taking batmans side.

  4. thats so fuckin stupid and wrong. for the first time in his life? like good god i hate how weak they make superman seem in this world dude. like seriously Superman enemies are like the equivalent a super bane for the weakest serious enemy for batman

  5. Problem with superman it's that he's just a guy with god complex, he has no skill, strategies or strong mentality, just pure power. He never considers that someone can manipulate, trick him or that he can suffer damage or loses regardless of how many times he's faced with that exactly situation.

  6. Love the detail of Earth-1 Diana being the one to say that Clark was vulnerable and Earth-1 Hal saying he gave in to fear.

    It’s a great subtle nod to what actions their Earth-2 counterparts took, along with the potential of them taking the same path should this disaster happen to them.