The Rise & Fall Of The Arrowverse…

In this video, Sid tells the story on how The Arrowverse was created & destroyed…

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If you actually read this far I Love You 3000


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30 thoughts on “The Rise & Fall Of The Arrowverse…

  1. Honestly this video kinda seems like something someone would say who hasn't actually watched the Arrowverse and just made assumptions. The early arrowverse was actually pretty good and the crossovers, despite being a hassle to shoot, were actually kind of highlights of the thing. The thing about not getting A-Tier characters is also kind of wrong since Flash himself is an A-Tier character, at least based on his importance in the comics. Another example is superman, who not only eventually got his own show, but was also a major character in most of the crossover events. The Arrowverse really began to fall apart after the Crisis of Infinite earths crossover. While yes, the quality was already declining rapidly at that point, it was still going relatively strong. After crisis most shows came to an end one by one and the quality decline even more heavily, especially on the flash that ran the longest. Still, this video frames everything as if the Arrowverse was doomed from the start, which it really wasnt.

  2. The worst part about the Arrowverse downfall is that there are many amazing cast. Grant Gustin as Barry, Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance, Josh Segarra could have been an amazing Vigilante or Prometheus, Melissa Benoist was an amazing Supergirl and Tyler Hoechlin is still an amazing Superman.

  3. This guy literally only acknowledged the good parts as if they were bad 💀 I thought I was harsh on Arrow when I compared it to Batman: The Animated Series. Same with The Flash and Superman: The Animated Series, but I at least acknowledged that Arrow and The Flash had good seasons despite not being the DCAU.

  4. Sounds like this guy just wanted to make an incoherent video trashing the CW DC related shows. He hated the shows, but apparently watched them anyway. Must not have been as bad as he claims.

  5. Arrow was good, but I couldn’t stand how all his villains were Batman’s and he acted like Batman. It was so annoying. Flash was good but by S4 it started getting ridiculous and by S5 I checked out. Gave Supergirl a chance and lost interest after ep2, but gained interest when Clark got involved. I only tuned in for Crisis events and was mind blown 🤯 when Ezra showed up as a cameo. Other than that it was pretty horrendous

  6. Green Arrow does and always has sucked as a character. That's why they had to steal half the villains and story arcs from Batman.
    The Flash started great, but just got WAY too much drama, and I did not like the swapping around of characters.
    Every other show kind of sucked.

  7. It was me Barry, I set the bar so high for your show that none of the later seasons could even dare to catch up. This lead to the producers being forced to make terrible cash grab decisions and ultimately give up any sort of effort in redeeming the show or the Arrowverse as a whole.

    -Thawne probably.