The New Green Arrow Family! | Absolute Comics

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31 thoughts on “The New Green Arrow Family! | Absolute Comics

  1. Believe it or not Benny wasint realy a fan of green arrow comics tell I read a few an wow hes pretty good. Whete angels fear to tread the old team up him and Hal Jordan then injustice. Ya im a fan

  2. Man there are so many amazing shows rn you could be talking about instead of comics.. comics aren't interesting, and you have so many channels based from it already, why does this channel need to be bombarded by them now too?

  3. I'm generally not a fan of these giant families of characters. I'd buy this book if it was just Ollie and Dinah, with a couple other 'Arrow family' members popping in from time to time. But a book about like 8 of them looking for Ollie just isn't appealing to me

  4. When Sal started making a joke about comparing the Death and Return of Green Arrow to Superman that's not where my mind went, my mind went to the return of Wolverine comics where they had four different books with different creators, characters and themes.