The Flash 9×09 SNEAK PEEK Preview – Stephen Amell Teases MORE Green Arrow!?

New Preview of The Flash 9×09!

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18 thoughts on “The Flash 9×09 SNEAK PEEK Preview – Stephen Amell Teases MORE Green Arrow!?

  1. Flash took the place of Arrow this key figure has become so popular and if not totally honest to the comics of Flash in some cases but it did give a great story for TV on a scale as a movie, and I doubt we'll see the like again or we will a few years on?
    There's always something about repricesing the character in a few specialists in the future say 10 years from now a older Flash and set in a alternative future or the return of heroes in a new crisis like The JL TV series or Arrowverse Reborn the Multiverse reboot, and the Children Of Speedforces 2028
    Flashvrse the endless possibilities?

  2. The show revolvers around the life of Bruce Wayne and his alter -ego batman, And the villains he faces. It also showcase in Gotham city, such as commissioner Gordon, Robin, Batgirl, and The joker. Gotham knights is a video game developer by WB Games montreal