The BEST GAMING Keyboards Under $30!

We are back to take a look at the best-selling gaming keyboards under $30 and they are pretty awesome this go around!

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MageGee 100 Key Keyboard

Ussixchare Gaming Keyboard

Abucow Gaming Keyboard

Bengoo Mechanical Keyboard

Chuangquan CQ84

Windows 10 Keys
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Windows 10($16):
Win10 home($14):
Office 2016($27):
Office 2019($49) :
windows pro+office 2019( 62$) :
windows pro+office 2016(40$) :

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45 thoughts on “The BEST GAMING Keyboards Under $30!

  1. I have a question, is the Surmen Ussixchare an anti ghosting keyboard? I'm gonna buy the keyboard next month but I'm looking for an anti ghosting keyboard because I play rhythm games a lot and it's really hard to play rhythm games without an anti ghosting keyboard.

  2. Hi, why dont you include redragon keyboards in your review? are they not good? but they are among the most selling on all the platforms. Are your discount codes still valid ?

  3. quick question found a keyboard off a website
    uhh it has metal plate and real rgb the 16 mil thing
    tho it only has brown keys
    its a redragon
    its called redragon k630 dragonborn
    shoukd i buy it

  4. The affiliate links are not my country so it doesnt work
    When i went to my Amazon app and searched it up
    I was shocked it was 250$ (19,000₹INR)

  5. Tezarre TK-63 Pro it's only $30 on Amazon; is BT + 2.4GHZ and USB-C charging cable. PCB uses 3 and 5 pins mechanical switches, Hot swappable. Let's do better next time guys!
    Also, the MSRP of this keyboard was $79 back on 2021. The company is radio silent (maybe just off from social media for the moment) but keyboards of this brand are In Stock everywhere.

  6. I've had 2 mechanical keyboards, the velocifire, which is pretty great but a chonky boy, and the Redragon K618 Horus which was a piece of crap that I returned last week. I was considering getting the Logitech MX Master mechanical keyboard but can't justify spending almost $200 on a keyboard. I instead went with the Logitech MX Keys, it a little bit clicky but really nothing compared to an actual mechanical keyboard, i love it though but again it was a bit pricey coming in at $120. If I decide to go back to real mechanical keyborads I'll probably go with an RK Royal Kludge keyboard, they seem pretty affordable and really popular.