Stephen Amell Is Back As Green Arrow In The Final Season Of The Flash!

In this video, Sid gives great news about Stephen Amell’s final return as Green Arrow in The Final Season of CW’s The Flash!

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22 thoughts on “Stephen Amell Is Back As Green Arrow In The Final Season Of The Flash!

  1. It was magical man….I watched the episode yesterday..and all the memories came back …..
    I loved it… absolutely adored every second of it….
    Man..I've missed Stephen Amell….
    It's not until the Arrow ended that I realised it was the best show in Arrowverse….then came flash… which was amazing till S2 and S3 to some extent.. then stated the downfall from S4 and here we r …..
    But am glad tho..the last season ain't that bad….but it's not as good or intriguing as S8 of Arrow..but it's better than the last few seasons

  2. I stopped watching the arrowverse a while ago, I just kept getting disappointed. Still, it's sad to see it go, its early days have many fond memories, and I still enjoy some of the older seasons of arrow from time to time.