New Look at Kid Flash and Green Arrow! #Shorts #theflash

Stephen Amell, David Ramsay and Keiynan Lonsdale are heading back to The Flash for Final Season! We have are first looks at the returning Spartan, Kid Flash and Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen aka The Green Arrow.
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34 thoughts on “New Look at Kid Flash and Green Arrow! #Shorts #theflash

  1. " or is oliver queen back from the dead?"…

    me: again… because he was presumed dead when the gambit went down, ras thought he had killed and remade oliver in to alsahim… and then he died at rhe end… so is he back from rhe dead …AGAIN…😅😅😅

  2. Such a waste not making Diggle a green latern all that build up making a big story arc will he won't he and after all that the payoff for that story arc is pretty much Diggle having a quick chat with eobard and then rejecting probly his biggest chance to be bonafied superhero all because he couldn't see the bigger picture!

  3. For those saying its probably a flashback or Barry goes back in time. it can't be a flashback cause Barry got the golden boots a good 2 years after oliver died. Also couldn't be back in time cause oliver didn't have that suit at all while he was with barry. Only time they met up after oliver got that suit was crisis so no matter when Barry goes back he wouldn't be in central city with that version of oliver