Medieval Cosplay Costume Comparison: Ranger vs Witcher

I have dedicated a lot of effort to perfecting my costumes inspired by the Rangers from The Lord of the Rings and the Witchers from The Witcher series. However, I find myself questioning how these two costumes compare to each other. Each outfit tells a unique story, but which one would I choose to wear on an exciting adventure?

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Featuring tracks such as “Nowhere Land”, “Viking Intro”, “Daudir”, “Dragonquest”, “Mjonir”, “Winter Night”, and “Might and Magic” by the incredibly talented Alexander Nakarada, this video is accompanied by music from the Witcher 3 OST. All music is promoted under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.

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47 thoughts on “Medieval Cosplay Costume Comparison: Ranger vs Witcher

  1. As a Pole I would go with witcher one… Just because our landscapes and culture is so much closer to world in Witcher books and games (fu netflix) than Middle Earth. Yet, there is plenty of things you can use in ranger AND witcher costumes that are common (boots, pants, some elements of armor). Love both, both are fantastic anyway.

  2. i feel like a witcher without his armor still looks like a witcher. just depends if you have cat eyes and your weapons on your back.

    also just using bear armor as a reference feels kinda weird as there are multiple styles of witcher armor and most of them if not all are easier to wear than the bear armor

  3. Really cool to see someone appreciate Rangers Apprentice, I haven’t seen much love for that series online but that was arguably the series that got me into fantasy

  4. I noticed you mentioned restrictive mobility on the chest plate, so I went to take a look at the ursine armor. On looking at more pictures of it, I noticed that the beginning versions have stitches running along them while later versions had rivets along the same lines. I wonder if that's a leather encased "chest"-coat of plates. That would potentially increase mobility for someone who attacks as acrobatically as a Witcher does. Might help with your closed off feeling slightly as well. Leather wouldn't catch fire easy and wouldn't sear your skin like the bare metal would if you had exposed metal plates. Just a thought on your musings and looking at the models.

  5. "You, there, what is you profession?" "I'm a potter, sir." "And you, Arcadian, what is your profession?" "Sculpture, sir." The point here… "Where are you going? What are you doing?" If it is war you seek, specialize in the dealings of blood. But if you do not know what lays before you, and wish to build upon the land, train your citizens to be ready for battle. For a people that know how to protect their own land will fight far better then an army ordered to conquer.

  6. The Ranger is one of my go-to classes, besides the Norse Warrior, the Barbarian, and Paladin to name a few, I actually have 2 Rangers in Skyrim, male and female both Bosmer (Wood Elves)

  7. What's funny is that in books there is not a single mention of Geralt wearing armor (unless you treat a leather jacket as one, but doubt it is a case, and Geralt bought it due to fashion, not practical reasons).

  8. If I were to go to an actual LARP, I’d probably want to play a fencing scholar. I’m more of a fencer by training, and I’d need to lose a ton of weight to pass as any kind of warrior, much less fit into any kind of armor.

  9. I personally like rangers better in general, and they are more versatile.

    And speaking of costumes, I have a question. In The Two Towers film I noticed some of the Rohirrim wearing a coat of mail that look like fish scales. Do you know if this “fish-scale-mail” was an actual, historic thing or just something the movie directors thought would look cool?

  10. Great video. Even if you don't end up making/using the two outfits, it's a really good place to start comparing the different elements in an outfit. Definitely starts a conversation

  11. Latest version of the ranger outfit looks awesome man! I must concur on the back scabbards, I've found it much easier and more comfortable at festivals to have my sword at my side than on my back for navigating buildings and crowds. But love the back scabbards for wilderness travel!

  12. Interesting to compare the 2 and thinking about it, the idea does make sense. I am heavily biased in favor of the ranger, having spent my youth and early adulthood as I did. However, that aside, I'd still go with the ranger. The witcher might "look cool", but is not based in practical reality. I'm not refering to potions or genetics. He was created as the fantasy of an author who thought that a pirouette is a useful move in combat…

  13. Hi Kramer… I have something weird to ask! Not in a bad way. Short story long, I've been commissioned to make some coasters representing the classes for a D&D master's table and was picking characters from fiction to represent the classes. I'm woodburning portraits into the wood, however I can't find a decent model for "Jimmy the Hand" for rogue class. Would you mind awfully if I based the image on you? I don't want to depict you exactly to the life, but my mind went straight to you, as an intelligent young man with the same look as I pictured the character whilst reading the books. Let me know, and no problem at all if you want to say no.
    Cheers, Jan.

  14. Another amazing video👍
    Yeah, the Witcher is basically a specializer warrior that can survive in the wild, whereas the Ranger is a wilderness survival expert that can fight. Also interesting thing I noticed while watching this, your ranger outfit doesn't even necessarily need to be classified as such, several of your variations are just general medieval-style clothing. That could explain why it feels more comfortable and versatile.

  15. when I think about the witchers they are going to gravitate into one of to modes
    1- hunters of large animals ( kill by means of traps and poisons and long range projectile weapons )
    2- heavy infantry ( kill by blunt force trauma and edged weapons at close range )
    the likely customers of the witcher are probably going to prefer hunter witchers over heavy infantry because the amount of collateral damage will be far lower and an unuseful hunter is far far less likely to have an angry monster come back looking for revenge .

  16. worth noting that in the books, geralt doesn't wear any armor beyond an ordinary leather jacket and gloves. they're studded with silver, though this would only affect monsters that get to grips with him.

  17. Kramer I sure would not want to use witcher armour your belly is exposed and a slash there would empty out on to the ground 🙁 but love your vids Merry Christmas too

  18. like the comparison. tried to look for one of these for D&D since Ranger is the Monster Hunter type of Class so a Witcher type of character would be a Ranger but since but since people wanted a more 1:1 witcher type class the Mutant Blood Hunter became a thing

  19. In the same way that police or military wearing bulletproof vests or body armor, it puts out a sense of defensiveness and intent or preparation for combat, wearing armor suggests that you are ready for or expecting a fight to take place….

  20. Interesting comparison. Ranger kit is truly versatile because it's just so basic and functional. Also, nice as a base to play NPCs. Just add a face cove, and you can play a bandit, for example.
    What I didn't experience, personally, is that armor makes you less sociable. In my experience, that has more to do, with how you picture the character you're playing in your head. Witchers tend to be more lone-wolf types. Rangers too, though my Ranger turned out one of the most social characters I have played. But so did the armored knight I played. I always pictured the knight as a diplomat and leader (Obi-Wan from clone wars was a huge inspiration for that character.) So, that was, what I was striving for.

    Coincidental, in February I'm going to a Witcher larp with my ranger. I imagine I can do well, compared to all the Witchers because it's just much easier to hunt monsters with a bow and arrow, rather than a long sword.
    I love long sword, but monster hunting is much easier, if you can do it from a safe distance. And in terms of knowledge, tracking skills and masterful use of tactics, there is not much difference between a ranger and a Witcher.
    I feel larp Witchers are handicapping themselves to adhere to Witcher lore by using longswords as their primary weapon. For hunting, bows, crossbows and spears are much stronger weapons.