I Never Had A Real Friend Like Me

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23 thoughts on “I Never Had A Real Friend Like Me

  1. the millionaire isnt snooty at all- maybe her daughter is but not her. she caught someone stealing her necklace and wanted to press charges. thats not illegal? it was her things so how was she snooty? she was just protecting what was hers. and the fact she decided to be nice and let the mc's mom and sister to be let out of jail-. she literally had every right to keep the two in prison? but she decided to be nice…- 💀💀

  2. Copying edith’s Handwriting was one thing but sabotaging her chances at going to the compition by poisoning her tacos?!! Hailey you went too far you don’t even deserve a nice guy like kody you don’t deserve all that money and you don’t those brains or anything in the world hope become poor I hate you hailey