How to get the Wingsuit in Tears of the Kingdom (Glide Armor Set Location)

Complete guide on how to get the Glide outfit in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Best armor set for exploring the sky islands. This guide will also show how to farm a good amount of Large Zonai Charges.

0:00 – Intro
0:19 – How to get to Courage Island (Glide Shirt)
1:14 – Skydive Challenge Explained (Glide Shirt)
2:09 – IMPORTANT, how to farm Large Zonai Charges
3:21 – How to get to Bravery Island (Glide Tights)
4:34 – How to get to Valor Island (Glide Mask)

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41 thoughts on “How to get the Wingsuit in Tears of the Kingdom (Glide Armor Set Location)

  1. The courage island shrine has 3 very easy constructs you can farm over and over again for xonai charges. After you beat the 3 constructs avoid completing the shrine by just fast traveling back to it and you can just farm these 3 constructs over and over again without a blood moon.

  2. I didn't know there were other dive ceremony islands. The first one (Courage) was alright but the second one (Bravery) is super fun. Thanks for this video, I thought I had mapped out all of the sky!

  3. I sold the tunic at a store for 600 rupees thinking I could do the diving challenge again and get it again….But I cannot beat my 17.54 time without the tunic…. Is there a way to get it back? Or I need to restart the whole game? :S

  4. Did anyone else find the wingsuit underwhelming? I was expecting Just Cause 3 or possibly like using the paraglided but at a falling speed. With such an emphasis on the sky, I wish the wingsuit would have been more mobile

  5. Can anyone help. I've been playing the game for hours and can't find normal bats. I've spent nights (in game) fields caves. In botw they were annoyingly everywhere and I need it for the wing suit upgrade.

  6. LOL I paraglided and glider fanned my way over to the blocked Skytower and dropped onto the block from above. Then to move it I made it way more complicated than it had to be and attached a balloon/flamejet to the side of the block and let it drag it sideways off the tower… xD OMG I could have just ultrahanded it and saved resources?!

  7. For the second one i walked past a glider so i put a fan on it and got all the way there beat 1 construct took a rocket on my shield and took the top one off then went down to the bottom (i skipped the difficulties)

  8. Or you can farm large zonia charges by: hang gliding off cliff->pressing start and holding up to five charges-> press y and b simultaneously to duplicate items then pick up items off ground. You can duplicate up to 20 items at a time by doing this mid air 4x before you land. This will be patched if it hasn’t already.

  9. To get to the Lindor's Brow Tower I used Ultrahand to move the nearby wood planks so that they were in the water underneath the rock and used Ascend to get into the tower. XD – Never climb when you don't have to 😛

    Also thanks so much, I didn't even know there was a glide suit; I was hoping there was something that would make Link move further while falling.