How to get the MOST POWERFUL Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Interactive Map:

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40 thoughts on “How to get the MOST POWERFUL Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

  1. Can someone explain how this is the most powerful armor when it's only 84 when it's maxed out? And if you max out Zonaite Shin Guards, Champion's Leathers, and the Diamond Circlet, you get 88, which is 4 defense stronger. Additionally, you can use the master sword's beam whenever you want, get extra battery, and attack up. However, if you use the armor shown in the video, you only get the master sword beam up when you're at full hearts. So I really don't understand how this is the most powerful armor in the game. Could someone please tell me how it is?

  2. I've been using the Zonaite Armor set fully powered up and I don't think its too far from this one defensive wise. The Mystic set ir worth mentioning also since it will take Rupees each time you get damaged. So, if you have money to burn you're practically invincible.

  3. So a Zonai link (reincarnation of the hero), I already got it before this video but the thing I'm wondering is when he was around? 🤔
    Since Zelda went back in time when the Zonai founded Hyrule, wouldn't this hero had been around then or is this dating back before then meaning Zonai have been here multiple times. I wonder if this lore will be explained in a stand alone game (most likely not as it seems Zonai Link, Zelda and the guardians they built easily destroyed Ganon) or the DLC of Tears of the Kingdom.

    I feel like the DLC will mainly be about the three other dragons and those ancient Zonai ruins in Faron (some of the area's in Faron have the same name, we may learn about those characters) but maybe they could also touch base on this ancient hero?
    Dunno, we'll have to wait and see I guess lol

  4. I hope you don't find offense to this but if you need armor to compensate for getting hit, it becomes a skill issue. I know this because I defeated the entire game including every boss with level 4 armor. I even fought dragon ganondorf.

  5. The Soldier's Helmet and Greaves + Champions Leathers give you a total of 88 defense, along with being able to shoot master sword beams no matter what health link is on

  6. Its a zonai? Confused why youd even go there with Ganon or ganons son. I honestly dont think anyone would have said he looks like ganon at all if you didnt mention it multiple times, maybe trying to add humor?

  7. Actually combinding the champions tunic with any legs and headpice that's heavy armour gives you a max of 88 total. 32 for the champions tunic and 28 each for the legs and helm, The pieces that eventually give 28 all start with 4 by the way. The aspect of the hero has the same defense as any 28 armour set like the hylian armour, the zonaite stuff and probably a few more

  8. Blaines. I didn’t know who you were before all this Zelda content started blowing up my homepage. But dang it I am glad I found your page! Appreciate all the helpful tips you have provided us! 🙌🏾

  9. All I am seeing is it gives you 84 defense… so does the fully upgraded Hyrule knight set and ya it has a bonus but its a buff to a specific attack, on a specific weapon that's useless if you get hit once and it takes up all armor slots… ya, happy for the vitality and stamina but I'm just going to keep that in the back for later use

  10. If you really want defense and no bonuses. 2 pieces of zonai armor and champions leather. Will give you more . 88 defense. Plus not sure if you combine a defense food will give you more on top of that. But it could be. I will try to upgraded to max and see the results later.