Harley Quinn & Oliver Meet Green Arrow

Green Arrow & Harley Quinn Meet Green Arrow #batman #injustice #shorts #harleyquinn #injustice2 #teentitans #greenarrow
In this video I recorded and edited, i showcase funny dialogue between Green Arrow & Harley Quinn in Injustice 2

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48 thoughts on “Harley Quinn & Oliver Meet Green Arrow

  1. never played the games what the context for the dead oliver stuff i know in the comics and movie he dies but does he get brought back or is he a ghost im so fucking confused

  2. For real though The Quiver is also a bad name. Why not theme it after something other than the bow itself? Like, The Den, The Perch, The Parapet, Balistraria. Places associated with archery. Maybe The Thicket or The Blind? I mean he could find something that isn't just a cave.

  3. As a giant Injustice fan, I own all the comics and have the games. I was greatly disappointed in the movie! It was accurate and great the first moments of the movie but when Ra’s Al Ghul popped up as soon as that happened and the moments immediately after Nightwing’s death is when it went off on its own thing and isn’t close to the actual story at all! Also the quiver thing came from the Injustice comics not the movie. They did use the bit in the movie, yes.

  4. To clear up confusion: Injustice game -> 5 year prequel comics -> Injustice 2 -> follow up comics -> Injustice movie

    The quiver line is originally from the prequel comics