Green Arrow Teams Up with The Flash in Season 9 Set Photos! Resurrected Oliver Queen!?

Green Arrow Teams Up with The Flash in Season 9 Set Photos! Resurrected Oliver Queen!? The Flash Season 9, The Flash Season 9 Promo, The Flash Season 9 Trailer, Kid Flash, Cobalt Blue, Reverse Flash, Thawne, The Flash Final Season.

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50 thoughts on “Green Arrow Teams Up with The Flash in Season 9 Set Photos! Resurrected Oliver Queen!?

  1. They gonna make Ollie a meme and kill him again 😂. So exited for him to be back tho. I stopped watching the arrowverse when arrow ended. I hope HBO offers amell a limited series. He isn’t the best actor but he does a great Oliver Queen and green arrow.

  2. 6:11 Omg I hope this is in the episode because I'm so disappointed how Diggle never got to be there with Oliver in his final moments. Another reason why I didn't like crisis Diggle of all people should've been there with Oliver when he died. They're brothers and it's just criminal this better do them justice.

  3. I know what I'm about to say might upset some of you. But I'm kinda infuriated that Oliver is coming back. Not that I dislike the character or Stephen Amell, quite the opposite. It's just that he already had an impactful sendoff in Crisis that might be on par with Iron Man's death in Avengers: Endgame. I hope it's some alternate version of him or something because bringing Oliver back to life will completely invalidate both Crisis and the final season of Arrow. Then again, I'm already lowering my hopes after the many pointless deaths in this show. Even if it really is just some alternate version of him, it's possible his role in the episode won't make much sense.

  4. Personally, I can't wait to see Oliver back and extend to power he gave Barry again and him settle with Diggle and push him to be a Green Lantern. I know Ramsey would be a great addition as that character.

  5. At the end of the Earth Prime comics, isn't Oliver alive too? in the future, aiding the justice league essentially?

    also I think Wally will just kind of arrive? And then throughout the episode Barry will just snag Wally to help? and some way the star city chaps will get tied in?

  6. Oliver Queen will return in The Flash Season 9 finale to help Flash fight Reverse-Flash in order to setup the 2024 Newspaper "Flash Vanishes Missing in Crisis" and bring it full circle to The Flash Season 1! Also the 2024 Newspaper said, that Green Arrow, Atom and Hawkgirl helped out!

  7. In the comics, Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) helps Barry Allen (Flash) to stop Red Death. The two heroes team up to stop the villain, who is determined to destroy the multiverse.
    This idea appears in the "The Flash" (2016) comics #22-#23 "The Button" crossover event and "The Flash" (2016) comics #50 "The Death of the Speed Force" where Green Arrow joins the Flash in his fight against Red Death.
    Where one of the key strategies used by the heroes is to separate Red Death from the Speed Force and Batman's consciousness. They achieve this by creating a time loop that separates the two entities and weaken the villain.

  8. Stephen amell got asked, druing an interview a few years ago would he like to continue his role as Oliver Queen and he didn't confirm or deny but he said that he would like to continue his role as arrow

  9. Not gonna lie it sucks that wally is still rocking is old suit cuz literally everyone else in the arrowverse got updates to their suits and he's the only one still rocking the all leather same suit. Even RF got a new suit even tho it wasn't used for that long

  10. A theory is that Barry’s power from the spectre gives him the ability to enter the monitors afterlife which is where he would find Oliver and persuade him to come back to life to stop a great evil

  11. I think, it is not a resurrected Oliver. And is not spectre either that is our Oliver from past. I think Barry travel back in time to get Oliver in Liam Yu to asked him for help. Similar like how he did in season 3 with Snart when he brought him from the past. In the leaked pictures Oliver is wearing the season 8 suit. So Barry probably when to that episode that was in Lían yu.

  12. I’m lot sure I’m I am correct on this but I’m pretty sure Oliver’s hair was much longer is season 8 so maybe it a different earth Oliver or a vision

  13. I think it is oliver as the spectre. Cause in the trailer i have a feeling barry is on lien yu which during crisis is where oliver was before he became spectre

  14. What if flash grabs arrow right before the shadow demons attack him and bring him back to the ship and his injuries that killed him weren't from shadow demons '..