Green Arrow Meets Catwoman

Green Arrow Meets Catwoman #injustice #shorts #harleyquinn #injustice2 #superman #dc #greenarrow #thejoker
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In this video I recorded and edited, I showcase a funny moment between Green Arrow & Catwoman in Injustice 2

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40 thoughts on “Green Arrow Meets Catwoman

  1. Why did I think Green Arrow was going to say “first a word from our sponsors, raid shadow legends.” It’s worse that I’ve played this several times and I know he never says that.

  2. Thing is, Catwoman was undercover in Gorilla City at the time. If Canary and Arrow hadn't intervened, Catwoman might've learned about Brainiac. Even though that would be just a few hours or less of a time before Brainiac's invasion, it still would've given Batman and other JL members to at least somewhat prepare for what's about to come