Green Arrow in the Arkhamverse Explained

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17 thoughts on “Green Arrow in the Arkhamverse Explained

  1. Clock king wasn’t even a bad guy why’d red hood kill him clock king literally has the most depressing origin story, I liked arkham red hood but now my respect has been lowered

  2. Dam i wish rocksteady made Green arrow game instead of sskjl. Tbh i would like Green arrow game more then a Superman game although i think getting a game for both of these characters would be goated.

  3. Seriously, I don't understand why rocksteady never seized the opportunity of making a Green Arrow (or Flash)game, by taking advantage of the arrowverse hype back then.
    It would have been quite something for the DC Fans to gnaw on and would have probably also sparked the approach of further solo games based on other justice league members.