Green Arrow Gets A NEW COSTUME! More DAWN OF DC Changes! DC Comics News and Updates

Green Arrow Gets A NEW COSTUME!! DAWN OF DC bringing more change to the DC Comics Universe! DC Comics News and Updates

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9 thoughts on “Green Arrow Gets A NEW COSTUME! More DAWN OF DC Changes! DC Comics News and Updates

  1. I heard that if the comic does really well then there is a chance for an ongoing. The book is coming on April 25th 2023 so please keep an eye out for it. Also I heard it is ready for pre-order. Sean Izaakse (@seanIzaakse) the artist on the book tweeted this on his page awhile back, saying that if a enough people buy the 1-6 comic book then there is a good chance we can get a Green Arrow ongoing series.

  2. I like Joshua Williamson a lot, really looking forward to this run. Nice to see so many of the Arrow Family of characters being used, especially Connor Hawke and Mia Dearden.

  3. I haven't collected since 89/90…but this excites me hope they collect this in a trade. Plus i see peace maker, some of the charlton heroes would be great editions to the arrow family. Great video

  4. Giving Oliver a more tech savvy suit design is a very interesting idea. It as well as the design for Arsenal blends the classic design elements of their original costumes with a more modern twist, which does look absolutely amazing. Can't wait for the Dawn of the DC to start.