Medieval Cosplay Costume Comparison: Ranger vs Witcher

I have dedicated a lot of effort to perfecting my costumes inspired by the Rangers from The Lord of the Rings and the Witchers from The Witcher series. However, I find myself questioning how these two costumes compare to each other. Each outfit tells a unique story, but which one would I choose to wear on an exciting adventure?

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Featuring tracks such as “Nowhere Land”, “Viking Intro”, “Daudir”, “Dragonquest”, “Mjonir”, “Winter Night”, and “Might and Magic” by the incredibly talented Alexander Nakarada, this video is accompanied by music from the Witcher 3 OST. All music is promoted under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.

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Unboxing & ProCosplay Suit Review: THE BOYS’ Soldier Boy Cosplay Costume – MELF

Join us as we unbox and review the Soldier Boy cosplay from ProCosplay! We’ll be sharing some of Soldier Boy’s funny quotes along the way. Don’t forget to subscribe, enable all push notifications, share the video, and comment your favorite parts for a chance to be featured in our next video!

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In this video, Bobpool portrays Soldier Boy with special thanks to our sponsor ProCosplay for providing the amazing suit. Be sure to check out their collection of costumes from The Boys and other superheroes!

This video was filmed by Jason and edited by Nathan Wingert. Special thanks to That Joker Guy for creating the Amazon MELF logo in the thumbnail, and to Jason for the MELF intro logo featuring The Boys font.

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Cosplay Costume Tutorial: The Boys Starlight Cosplay

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popular cosplay costumes : the boys cosplay costume